Richard Schot, Owner & Partner, BLiS

“Diderik helped our company BLiS greatly with both managing and implementing web projects and the strategy for our product development. For product development Diderik introduced new processes and methods to us, resulting in products which are better tuned to the demands of users and are developed more efficiently. Working with Diderik is pleasant, inspiring and both results focused and personal.”

Mary Sorber, Founder, NightingaleRx

“I had the pleasure of meeting Diderik at an entrepreneur’s weekend. He was great to work with because of his easy-going nature, his initiative, his willingness to do what needed to be done, and his flexibility to roll with changing direction. Throughout the weekend he shared his vast technical and start-up expertise in a very professional and respectful manner. I am confident Diderik will be a valuable asset to any entrepreneurial effort he decides to pursue.”

Martijn Arts, Managing Director, Total Active Media

“Diderik excels in his down-to-earth approach. He stays on track and remains calm in challenging projects and circumstances. Combined with a large dose of intelligence he can solve anything. His motto: “I think through a solution until I (or others) need to develop the least amount of code”, and that is the only right attitude. And finally he quickly sees opportunities in the market and finds the most direct route towards them. Good!”

Robert de Wolff, Agile Software fellow

“Diderik is an excellent member of a software development team. He can quickly understand new technologies and also understand the benefits and concerns for using it into projects. Diderik is good in asking the right questions to the customer for clarifying the needs. Diderik is also keen in managing the project organizational aspects of the development projects.”

Katie Marie Jones – White, Professional International Wedding Planner

“A personal session with Diderik and filling out the Lean Canvas helped me identify in which areas I need to improve and modify my product and business model in order to move forward further.”

Gwenolé Laurent, Founder & Talent Agent, 0to1-Solutions

“The 1-on-1-session I had with Diderik helped me to confront my views on the future development of my company with someone with a different and higher point of view. This is something invaluable when you are working day in and day out on your own ideas. This is particularly true when you can have this conversation with someone like Diderik who has experience in such a wide range of industries. The Lean Canvas template I left the meeting with helped me to forecast more accurately my future revenues and costs and ultimately to build a stronger business.”