Some of my talks at various conferences and events, see my Slideshare profile and YouTube channel for more.

The Power of Open Source Innovation

At ThingsCon Amsterdam 2017 I gave a workshop on Open Source Innovation. After a lively conversation on the possibilities, pros and cons of Open Business Models and Gongban, the participants chose to work on their own cases in groups using the Open Platform Design Flowchart by Lars Zimmermann. View the slides on Slideshare below, or download the slides as PDF. Participants chose not to work on the ‘standard’ WasteBuster exercise, but the case description is available for download. A possible ‘solution’ to that case is in my blogpost “No Time To Waste!” (Spoiler Alert!).

Conquer the World with Open Source (in Dutch)

On 30 November 2016 I gave a talk on how Open Source Software has conquered the world and Open Source Hardware may be about to do so, at the Open Source Software & Hardware Congres in Den Bosch, NL.

The Opportunity of Open

On 28 September 2016 I gave a talk at the International Conference ‘Innovation: Now is the Future’, in Vilnius, Lithuania. In the talk I explored the influence of applying Open Source in cooperation between business and science, using Totem Open Health as case.

Can Open Source benefit your Business Model?

On 8 June 2016 I gave a talk at the IoT Event in Eindhoven on how applying Open Source is not only good for innovation, privacy and security, but can also result in highly profitable business.

Smart Energy Challenge

In May 2016 I organized and facilitated the Business Marathon Energy at the Campus Party conference in Utrecht, NL. Before the pitch finals I briefly introduced the Smart Energy Challenge.

From Cool Hack to Sustainable Company

In 2015 I gave a talk at Hacker Hotel, explaining the origins and motivations of the Totem initiative for creating open source and sustainable electronics products.

Introducing Open Source Hardware

At the T-DOSE 2015 Conference I gave an introductory talk on Open Source Hardware, also introducing the Totem initiative and linking Open Source Software to Internet of Things.

Electric Vampires

In 2012 my team won 2 prizes at the Hack Battle competition of The Next Web with this pitch and our ‘hack’ of a social game for children learning about energy and energy savings.