By good example of Yoeran and following this initiative, I also added a Now page!

Last update: 24 January 2018

Things I am busy with now:

  • Organizing Energy Hack NL, an innovation competition (hackathon) themed around Flexible Energy, Smart Mobility and Sustainable Development
  • Writing Open Source World, a “proof-of-concept” report containing the state-of-the-art of Open Design and Open Source Hardware
  • Supporting several start-ups regarding their product development strategy, open source-based business model and service design
  • Continuing my work as Scrum Master and Information Analyst at the Ministry ofJustice and Security

Things I recently did:

  • Organizing the Dutch Mobility Hackathon, a Smart Mobility-themed Hackathon with ANWB, NS and Schiphol, by start-up accelerator UtrechtInc.
  • Facilitating a workshop about Open Source (Hardware) at ThingsCon