By good example of Yoeran and following this initiative, I also added a Now page!

Last update: 8 December 2018

Things I am busy with now:

  • Working as part-time Technical Consultant for Peeq My Farm, a notification app for farmers to support their daily work.
  • Continuing my work as Scrum Master and Information Analyst at the Ministry ofJustice and Security.
  • Started Re:INVENT Institute, now connecting to various Humanitarian organizations and Open Design/Maker communities:
    • Participating in a DIN SPEC working group for creating a German standard for Open Source Hardware.
    • Communicating with the Humanitarian Makers platform about a potential collaboration.
    • Communicating with MakerNet Alliance about a potential collaboration.
    • Exploring a ‘Dutch Makers for Frugal Innovation’ program with Wunderpeople, Humanitarian NGOs and Universities in the area of The Hague, NL.
  • Working on a new website to replace this one, using Jekyll and GitLab.

Things I recently did:

  • Organizing Energy Hack NL, an innovation competition (hackathon) themed around Flexible Energy, Smart Mobility and Sustainable Development
  • Mentoring 3 companies for REMODEL, a Design Thinking-based course of Danish Design Center