By good example of Yoeran and following this initiative, I also added a Now page!

Last update: 4 May 2017

Things I am busy with now:

  • Organizing ANWB Hack Camp, a Mobility-themed Hackathon with start-up accelerator UtrechtInc and a client in The Netherlands.
  • Organizing Nuon Innovation Lab, an internal Energy-themed Hackathon with a client in The Netherlands.
  • Innovation for Humanitarian Development: as a member of the Inspiration Council of The Spindle, I am involved in various initiatives to figure out if and how new technologies can be beneficial. I co-organized a workshop on Blockchain technology, will do a workshop on Adjacent Innovation and am using Design Thinking principles for the The Spindle Best Idea Award 2017.
  • Exploring my ‘trial period’ as Contributor at Enspiral.
  • Ministry of Security and Justice: continuing my work as Scrum Master and Information Analyst for developing two Information Systems.
  • Mentor for UtrechtInc: I am a mentor for the start-up Wheelsbnb, the “Airbnb for people in a wheelchair”.