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My name is Diderik van Wingerden and as a freelance ‘Manager of Technology and Innovation for World-Changing Companies’ and Strategy Consultant I help my clients to innovate faster. “Think. Innovation.” is the name of my company.

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Conquer the World with Open Source

Last week I had the privilege and pleasure to do a talk at the Open Source Software and Hardware Congres (OSSH Event) in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Since I got some positive reactions on this talk, I decided to write this Blog Post about it, containing the main points.

The organization asked me to talk about “earning money with Open Source”, a topic I have been talking about at several other conferences. However, this time I decided not to just focus on explaining various Open Source Revenue Models, but instead focus more on the disruptive global successes an Open Source Strategy can bring about. Therefor the somewhat grandiose title of my talk: Conquer the World with Open Source.

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